Posh Monochromatic Color in Renovated Apartment

Completed by Arquitectura-G, this apartment presents the beauty of monochromatic color in its interior design. Remodeling project has made this apartment looks fresh and clean. It is not only the interior color that makes this apartment looks fabulous; the sleek style of the interior furniture makes this interior looks stylish and modern. Glass elements are also applied in this interior design. The bathroom employs glass dividers to give the specious impression to its minimalist interior. Small bathroom tiles are applied as the bathroom interior wall accent. Modern lightings are installed giving the main lighting in this interior.

Monochromatic color for interior should not only have contemporary decoration. The interior decoration in this house is in natural theme. Green living plants are placed in every corner of the room giving fresh natural color accent. White flooring with texture looks perfect for this monochromatic theme. Natural color accent is also presented by the wooden cabinet placed in one of the wall side. White tile flooring makes the room looks brighter.

White sliding doors are installed in this room giving the open space look. It connects the rooms and gives airy feel. The kitchen has more color variation. White is still used as the main color theme of this kitchen interior. However, the kitchen flooring is in light brown tile with motives. It gives traditional accent in this modern kitchen. Black is also used as the kitchen color variation. Black Kitchen Island looks great with the stainless color of modern kitchen application.

The bedroom interior looks sleek and practical. Modern bedding is located in the middle of the room together with modern chair in light blue color besides it. Green plant is placed by the glass windows giving the fresh look. Monochromatic color application is the perfect choice for contemporary interior giving the clean and spacious look in minimalist style.

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