Luxurious Hotel Interior Décor with Clean Lining

Orchid Reef Hotel is a luxurious hotel located on the southernmost tip of Israel. This hotel is approximately located in a popular resort city where desert and sea becomes the heart of panoramic view. Well, the designer of the Orchid Reef Hotel is an Israel interior designer namely Daniel Hasson. He tries to decorate the hotel as luxurious as possible. Nonetheless, the luxurious hotel interior décor is not full of intricate detail or something like that. It seems that clean lining is more important than artistic details spreading over the interior.

In fact, everybody can see in the pictures that the hotel room looks extremely modern with minimalist décor style. One of the master bedroom suites comes elegantly with a queen sized bed. The bed is placed closely to the center wall with elegant ivory padded headboard and no foot board. The bedding is dominated in white with little accent of brown and gray to match the stylish gray rug under it. White floor and ceiling promise airy and spacious effect in the bedroom. In addition, as a master room suite, this bedroom has a private lounge and work station as one of hotel interior decorating ideas.

Another bedroom suite of the Orchid Reef Hotel even involves a private terrace overlooking sea. In this case, the large bedroom integrates open floor plan idea to keep the room airy and bright. Floor length sheer curtain is installed to cover the frameless glass sliding door in the room. When you go outside of the bedroom, a relaxing terrace promises surprising view for relaxing.

Yeah, a couple of lounge and a contemporary loveseat with a side table are placed and arranged in appropriate angle of the terrace. Every bedroom has a private bathroom inside it. And one of those fabulous bedrooms offers spa like bath with frameless glass window overlooking the terrace area. This bath comes in clean glossy white with backlit mirror on vanity as gorgeous hotel interior design idea.

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