Fantastic Industrious Residence in Playful Appearance

Rational and clean design is presented by this industrious residence created by Atelier Boronski. The interesting thing from this house is the playful look. This house is created with playful design emphasizing on showing the ultramodern splendor. This house is completely different than the other house designs. Symmetrical design is applied in the house shape. The rustic texture is used as the interior color theme. The house exterior looks simple with the clean lines. Black and white is the colors employed in this exterior design.

Seeing the interior, this unique look is suitable for this industrious residence look. The staircase is designed in floating stairs style. The interior ceiling is created in playful concept. The sconce hung on the ceiling is also in artistic style. This house has little furniture to give the spacious impression in the minimalist style. The minimalist bathroom has rustic color wall giving the unique modern interior wall accent. The bathroom appliances are in contemporary style. Black and neutral colors are the color used in this bathroom interior color theme.

The bath tub area has small bathroom tile style. Black tile suits well with white tile wall in this bathroom interior. Giving the bright impression, the large windows from glass are installed in this bedroom. They give the display of green environment around the house. The bath tub is in modern style and has white color. The bathroom dressers are also in white and in sleek design. Green plants are set in this bathroom giving fresh look.

The interior corridor is in stylish appearance. Industrious look is well presented by this interior design. Black corridor windows look contrast with the white interior flooring in this corridor design. The large glass door is installed in this corridor giving the brightness. The brightness at night is presented by contemporary lamps installed on the ceiling. Industrious residence concept looks great in this playful appearance reflecting the creative design of a modern residence.

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